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February 15, 2021

Congo African Grey


I am looking to adopt an African Grey. Would you happen to know anyone that has them for adoption?

Thank You


Hi Vohana,

African Grey parrots are very popular and of course the hand fed babies are quite expensive these days. Because of their popularity, many people do end up figuring out too late that a Grey is not a good fit for their household or lifestyle. Many of these birds do end up in parrot rescue centers. However, keep in mind that most are given up for serious behavioral issues, feather plucking or other reasons that might mean these Greys are not the best choice for someone without experience with African Greys. They can come with behavioral and health challenges and can take a lot of work and understanding to be good pets. I would recommend searching for parrot rescues who are in your area or allow adoptions to your region. We do not sell or adopt birds or provide recommendations of breeders or rescues. We do have free weekly webinars, and this Friday will be all about African Grey behavior, presented by Lisa Bono, an expert on African Greys as pets. You might want to attend to get a better idea of what is involved with owning an African Grey.

Webinar: The Grey Way—African Grey Behavior

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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