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Webinar: The Grey Way—African Grey Behavior

Webinar: The Grey Way—African Grey Behavior

Date: Friday, February 19, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm PST (double-check your local time with this time zone converter)


Lisa Bono, CPBC, owner and operator of The Platinum Parrot and a certified parrot behavior consultant specializing in African grey parrots, presents Episode 2 of The Grey Way, a Lafeber Pet Birds Webinar Series focusing on Congo & Timneh African grey parrots as pets. This episode tackles on common behaviors and quirks exhibited by pet greys. Is this a normal behavior or a problem behavior? Learn how to recognize the difference and what to do during this free, interactive webinar.

Missed our webinar? No problem! You can access the webinar in its entirety here:

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