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December 10, 2020

conures and african greys

Do conures get along with Timneh African Greys ?


Hi Josephine,

It’s never a good idea to mix species, and definitely not different sized species. Parrots are not like domestic cats and dogs that will enjoy another cat or dog as a companion. We are the companion for our parrots. It’s OK to get another bird, in his own cage. But parrots do not interact casually with other parrots. When you cage two parrots together, they will tend to bond with each other and eventually not want human interaction at all. Conures and Greys are from different continents and have entirely different personalities. Conures tend to be loud and very active. Greys tend to be more laid back. There is also a huge size difference between most conure species and Greys. Even if they get along somewhat, all it takes is one time for the conure to irritate the Grey too much and the Grey can kill a conure with one bite. Even if the birds were both being playful, a larger bird can accidentally kill a smaller bird with a playful nip. So if you get more than one species of parrot, always have each bird in his own cage, and get them out at different times to avoid a tragic accident.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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