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May 21, 2020

Eclectus breeding

I have a pair of Eclectus that have been together just over 1 1/2 years and Lola has lain 3 times during that time – not fertile and we discard. Is it safe for her to have 2 maybe 3 clutches a year that are not fertile.



That isn’t an alarming number of eggs in a year, but anytime a hen lays eggs, it is a strain on her system. I would be more inclined to try to reduce or stop the egg laying, unless your plan is for them to breed. If this is the case, are they too young and not mating yet? I know you attended the webinars on hormonal behavior, so if you do not want them to breed, then I would recommend following the advice from Dr. Lamb and try to minimize or stop the egg laying. If your plan is breeding, the you should do some research on how to breed Eclectus and try to determine what changes may be needed to encourage mating and fertile eggs.

As always, the webinars are available to view again on our website.

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