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December 21, 2018


Hi.I need your help please.
Only yesterday i was given an Indian red Neck. It seems to be young judging still from what i have been reading.
Its previous owner died recently and was put up for adoption. I notice he is missing some feathers around his neck and below his head.
He seems very happy and lively apart from what i mentioned.
what i can do to help him grow his feathers back diet wise please ? are thing like raisins good for him ( dried fruit ) i offered him apple today and loved it , being his second day today i am letting him adjust to the surroundings like voices and house noise and seems to respond when spoken to. Thank you in advanceAlfred


Hi Alfred,

Congratulations on your new bird. It sounds like he plucked his own feathers, possibly grieving for his owner or he may have been doing this for a while. When you get a new bird, it is a good idea to take him to an avian vet for a check up. The vet can also try to determine if there is a health issue causing the feather plucking.

Going slow is good for now. I am going to give you some links to help you with his diet as well as working with him as a pet.

Bird Food Guide

Caring For Your Bird

Happy Holidays!


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