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June 6, 2022

Flat perch

My 5 year old female lovebird only uses her flat perch, refuses regular perches. Is this harmful for her feet? She also poops on it and is a chore to clean.


Hi Rachael,

It’s possible that she just prefers the location of the perch. Try moving it and putting a different perch there to see what she does. If the perch is on the large side, she might be using is as a substitute for a nest. Does she ever lay eggs? If she is a single bird or with a mate but non-breeding, you don’t want her to have anything that can trigger her hormones and cause her to lay eggs. If this preference is recent, she might be wanting to nest. What other type of perches do you offer? Ideally you should offer perches made from natural branches, as these provide a variety of thickness which will exercise her feet more. You can find perches made from manzanita and grapevine online and at most pet shops. These typically have hardware on one end and are designed to attach to the side of the cage and not go all the way across the cage. Lastly, make sure she doesn’t have any foot issues that might make the flat perch more comfortable. A Vet check may be in order.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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