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June 20, 2022

Fresh foods

I see birds being offered big bowls of veggies & greens, but exactly how much should be given to say an Amazon or CAG on a daily basis?


Hi Barbara,

Fresh foods and any human treat should only make up 20% of the daily diet. If you know your bird plays with fresh foods more than he actually eats, then you can give extra. Most of the time it’s just fun to tear up greens and other fresh foods and only the occasional bite is eaten. So base it in how much you find on the cage floor afterwards. LOL You don’t want fresh foods to replace their nutritionally balanced food – such as their pellets. This is because fresh foods start losing their nutrients from the time they are harvested. There is no way to know the nutritional value of fresh foods, even when they are organic. This is why the balanced staple diet is much more important, and the fresh foods are more about offering variety and different tastes and textures.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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