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August 11, 2020

Grey flight training

I’ve had my 11 year old male for about 6 months and he does not fly. Is there hope, with training, that he will fly? Or should I be content that he walks everywhere?


Thank you for attending our webinar by Lisa Bono. Below is Lisa’s response:

Hi Jen,

I used to be the owner who would clip wings for safety. I could not control if my husband would leave the toilet seat up, open a random door, or be making a snack on the stove.  When Sydney was 7, my husband deployed to Iraq for 14 months, I was able to control every aspect of the environment.  In that time Sydney went from a very clumsy bird to being able to fly through the house, up the stairs, down the hall and land on his cage to go night-night. Night-night is the cue I use. The challenge was to retrain my husband when he returned so the birds could maintain their flight and be safe. It is healthier for a bird to fly if possible, but no one has the right to tell you what is the safest thing to do in your home. You need to assess the dangers with each scenario.

Lisa Bono

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