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October 29, 2019


My male cockateil is inviting the female cockateil by going inside the breeding box again and again. But she is getting cranky and moves back and forth and doesnt goes inside the box..male spends some time inside the box and keeps on calling her after spending like five minutes he comes out himself..



The best thing to do is to leave them alone and give them plenty of privacy. Breeding birds need privacy and won’t settle into breeding if they are checked on too much or if you hover over them. When she is ready she will check out the box. She might still be too young or immature or maybe they have not fully bonded yet. All you can do to breed birds is provide everything they need, give them privacy and hope they breed. Not all bird will be good breeders. And it takes a lot of patience – you may wait months or a year before the pair is ready to breed.

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