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March 31, 2021

Hurt cockatiel?

My cockatiel has been screaming over his wing and grooming it but it isn’t broken because he’s stretching it out. My mom is saying he’s getting in new feathers but he’s only 3 months and not molting yet. Can someone please help?


Hi Hadassah,

Could he have hit it on something or caught it in the cage bars? When he sits is the wing drooping? If you don’t see any blood, and the wind isn’t drooping, then he may has just bruised it somehow. If he is still acting this way is the morning, he should probably be seen by an avian vet.

Another possibility is that something is making him anxious. Sometimes an action like this can be due to nerves. Is there anything new in the room or house? Any new people or pets? Can he see out of a window? Is his cage near a door or entry to the room? Cockatiels are prey animals, so they are sensitive to anything that moves too fast around them. If they are near a door, it can make them nervous when people walk in and out. They do better if they can see a person approaching. A pet or wild bird/animal outside can be alarming to him. You can try covering part of the cage, and see if this calms him down or if he stops this action. If not, then it may be an injury of some kind.

Take care,


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