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January 8, 2019

I need help

I have a male budgie who is about 5 years old.. his whole life I have been feeding him seeds. He developed a respiratory problem from what I can tell but I went to the avian veterinarian and did a physical examination and found everything is fine. But he has some tail bobbing, and does this sound which is like someone rubbing their finger against glass. I’m guessing that it’s because he wasn’t feed the right foods.. so if I start giving him nutritional foods can these symptoms go away


Hi Mary,

Yes, your budgie does need a better diet as loose seed mixes are not nutritionally balanced. Budgies generally love our Nutri-Berries and AviCakes, which are nutritionally balanced and also contain the whole seeds they prefer.

I’m not sure about the behavior you are describing. If the Vet found nothing wrong, this could be hormonal behavior. Budgies can make a wide variety of vocalizations. The tail bobbing could be hormonal or he may be overweight and gets out of breath.

Fortunately improving the diet can help all of this and you will see changes fairly soon. With a better diet your little guy should be with you for many more years.

Here is a feeding guide to help you:

Bird Food Guide

Happy New Year!


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