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December 27, 2021


My birds are from the same clutch, they are cockatiels. They are about a year old and I think the are trying to breed. How can discourage this? And if they ever do actually breed what should I do with the egg?


Hi Ashley,

You should separate these birds now. They are much too young to be allowed to breed, and the female is much too young to try to lay eggs. She is very likely to die from egg binding by trying to lay eggs at a young age. Cockatiels should be at least 2 years old before being caged with the opposite sex. And of course, since these birds are related, they should never be put back together in the same cage. It is your responsibility to keep them separated because they do not know any better. It would really be best to find a new home for one of the birds, otherwise they may keep calling to each other. Even if they weren’t related, they should not be sharing a cage until both birds are 2 year old. So separating them now is the best thing to do to keep both birds healthy. Yes, if she lays eggs, you should throw them away. But again, it’s not safe for her to be laying eggs already, And even when she is old enough, she should not be with her brother. It’s hard on a bird to form and lay an egg, so it would be an unnecessary strain on her health for her to lay eggs that you know have to be thrown away.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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