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January 27, 2022

Late egg laying

We have had a sun conure for about 9 or 10 years. We do not know the age of her since we got her from another family. She just laid her first egg. Is this common?


Hi Eileen,

It’s not uncommon – meaning it falls somewhere between common and rare. Some birds do suddenly lay eggs at an older age. She may lay a few more, with a day between each egg. If she ignores the eggs, you can discard them. If she wants to sit on them, this is OK, but leave the eggs on the cage floor and do not give her a nest or anything to nest in. Hopefully she will stop after these eggs. If she keeps laying eggs after this clutch, you may have to take her to an Avian Vet for a hormone implant. You can discourage egg laying. Never give her a nest, bird hut, tent or anything she can nest in. When you handle her, limit petting to her head and neck. Don’t give her any paper or cardboard to shred. And when she is out of the cage, do not give her free reign or let her get in any dark, cozy places.

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