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August 4, 2018

Licorice root

Can I offer licorice root as a treat for my African Grey to munch on or tear apart ?


Hi Terri,

Licorice root is generally listed as toxic or possibly toxic for parrots and should not be offered. Generally it is considered medicinal and would be given in minute amounts by a holistic Vet for a specific reason.

Star Anise has been fed to birds for decades and it can provide some foraging fun. Some bird shops sell it in small packages – you can try Googling it. Cinnamon Sticks are also sold for parrots and are safe. With both of these products, the parrots mostly chew on them without consuming much of any. But still I would not offer large amounts of either.

There are many safe plants that parrots can eat. You can Google for safe plants for parrots and find many lists. I recommend making sure the plant is on the safe list with more than one source to be safe. And you need to be sure the plant has not been treated with chemicals of any kind.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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