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February 19, 2021

Lonely lovebird

Hello, my daughter moved and was unable to take her single lovebird with her. We keep the bird in my daughter’s old bedroom to protect her from our cats. My friend who has a parrot would be willing to keep the lovebird, same room but separate cages or would it be better to keep the lovebird in my office where I work all day or is it best to get another lovebird? The lovebird is around 5 years old.


Hi Joyce,

The lovebird will not be happy alone in a room. If your friend is willing to care for her, this is a good option. She would probably also be happy in your office since you are there all day, but of course lovebirds can be loud. Getting another lovebird is a gamble. She may or may not like the one you choose for her. And this can also lead to egg laying which you probably do not want to deal with. So she should be fine if she has some type of company in the same room, as well as toys to keep her busy.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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