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October 15, 2019

Male zebra finch

I have a male and female zebra finch, a few weeks ago the male built a nest, yesterday i noticed the male is taking apart the nest and building another nest in the food dish and water dish, they still sleep in the nest together though. Can you please tell me what is happening.


Hi Ameer,

Do they have a nest that you gave them? It should be attached high in the cage. It could be the male doesn’t like the location and is trying to find a better spot. I would throw away or remove the nesting material he puts anywhere but in the actual nest. This will discourage him from trying to choose a different nesting spot. I am assuming you are trying to breed them? They only need the nest when they are mating and getting ready to lay eggs. Do not leave the nest in there all year. If they nest and raise chicks, remove the nest for a few months to let them rest before you let them nest again. If you only gave them the nest to sleep in and you do not want chicks, remove the nest and do not give them any nesting material. Adult birds do not use nests just for sleeping – a nest is only used during breeding season in the wild.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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