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February 11, 2020

Males or females?

I want to purchase more than one parakeet. Should I get 2 or 3 females, 2 or 3 males or maybe one of one sex and 2 of the other? If the latter choice, which sex should be the 2? I may also just get 2… one of each okay or better to have the same sex? If so, which sex?


Hi Nadine,

There are many things to consider before you buy any birds. To begin with, having an odd number of birds in once cage is not a good idea. Is there a reason why you specifically want 3 birds? If they are each in their own cage, this is fine but I would not have three in the same cage. Birds will naturally pair off, even if they are the same sex. So if you have an odd number of birds, the odd bird will get left out and will likely be bullied by the pair.

Do you want a bird that you can handle as a pet? If so then you should only get one bird. If you have two birds together, they are going to choose to be with each other and are not going to remain tame or be tamed. A male parakeet is generally a better pet and you should try to get a baby that is already tame.

Do you just want birds that you can enjoy but not handle? If so, then get a cage that is large enough for two birds and plenty of toys for them to keep busy. I would recommend getting two birds of the same sex With parakeets, the males are generally better companions for each other or for people. Two females in a cage are much more likely to fight that two males.

Do you want to breed birds? If so, first you need to do a lot of research on breeding birds. It is not easy and can be very expensive – especially the initial investment. You need a large breeding cage, a nest box, special foods, and a male and female that are old enough to breed – the male needs to be about 18 months old and the female about two years old. Keep in mind that even if you get everything they need, a paid still might not breed and raise chicks.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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