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June 11, 2020


My male is 1 1/2 years old. But he started to do things which they do while mating so I bought a female but she is also 1 1/2. What should I do now?


Hi Nabela,

You didn’t mention what kind of birds you have? Are these small birds like budgies or cockatiels? I would keep them apart for a few months until she is 2 years old. If a hen starts breeding and laying eggs at too young of an age, she is at higher risk of getting egg bound. She is also more likely to have poor incubation practices, might break or eat the eggs or ignore them entirely. It’s best to make sure she is fully mature. Then you can introduce them and eventually cage them together. You should not give them a nest box until they show signs of bonding – sitting together a lot, grooming or feeding each other and of course mating. If you give them the box too early and one bird isn’t ready, it can cause fighting and can be dangerous for the bird.

If you let us know the species, we can give more advice on breeding.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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