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February 10, 2021

Meyer’s parrots

I have two Meyer Parrots and they love having their heads petted. Is this OK?

I give my parrot wooden blocks that they enjoy chewing. Any concerns with the color dyes? Are they toxic?


Hi Grace,

Yes, head & neck pets and scratches are usually the best way to go. When parrots are young and not ready for a mate yet, they do interact with flock members. But this contact is limited to grooming each other’s heads. If they are wanting to choose the other bird as a mate, then they will start testing the other bird by grooming areas on the body. If rebuffed, then it’s back to just being friends and grooming each other on the head. LOL

The best wood blocks to offer your birds are the type made for babies and toddlers. The paint and dyes must be safe in order to sell a product labeled for small children. Many bird toy makers will also offer toy parts or “foot toys”. Always order from a USA based company, and only products made in the USA. The toy maker will typically use vegetable dyes for their toys.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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