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September 10, 2019

My 21 year old Quaker Parrot

Paulie just played 3 eggs about 3 or 4 months ago. This morning when I went in her room to uncover her open the blinds turn on her radio there was nothing in her cage this afternoon when I got home from work I go back in her room she has layed an egg. This is not normal for her usely she lays twice a year. We have the fake eggs that we replace with her eggs.yes she is an old girl but very healthy. Fed good. Lots of veg.sead.fruit. can you give me any advice. I saw on some post about natural light is that some of my problem.


Hi Betty,

Egg laying is not a problem when there is a few month time between clutches. It’s been hotter everywhere this summer so the weather may have triggered her to lay again. I wouldn’t worry about it unless she turns around and lays another clutch after she is done with this one. Yes, longer days is a trigger. Also a lot of fresh foods and too much petting. We have learned it is best to limit petting to head scratches on birds, because only the mate would be allowed to groom anywhere else and when we pet a bird on its body it can trigger hormones. So for now, wait and see what she does after these eggs. As long as she waits a few months, then I wouldn’t change anything. If she turns around a lays again, then you need to see about reducing her daylight hours and cutting back on fresh foods and petting her.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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