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November 7, 2022

My cockatiel is always sad

4 month ago i got a cocktail, i didn’t know how old was he, but as his look it was like 3 month, so i feed him cerelac as he was so young but he got used to it and when i changed his food he always look so starving no matter what i feed him, i feed him egg, apple… Things like that. It’s always look like he’s not happy, that’s really make me so sad i don’t know what to do and he started to fall his Feather, and i read in somewhere that it’s a sign that he’s depressed or have some health issue, i just want to make him happy



I know you want to do what is best for your cockatiel, but you have a lot to learn about the right nutrition for the bird. I would say that he is almost certainly severely malnourished. You should never feed dairy products to birds. Cerelac is made for humans and should never be fed to birds because it contains milk and it is not formulated for a bird. You need to stop feeding this product immediately. It may make him feel full, but it is also likely causing digestive issues as well as providing high levels of vitamins that could end up causing organ damage that will cause his death. You need to feed him a diet that is formulated for pet birds – a pelleted diet is the best option. Do not feed a loose seed diet. In addition you can feed greens, fresh veggies and a very small amount of fruit. He does not need to be fed any egg. He isn’t sad, he is sick because he isn’t being fed what he needs. I’m going to give you the link to our feeding guide to give you some ideas. I would recommend taking him to a Vet who specializes in birds to see what else he might need. Again, you must stop feeding the cerelac and change his diet immediately. If he needs some type of formula at first, to regain his health, then buy a formula made for pet birds – do not use another human formula! The vitamin levels in these human formulas can kill him. I’m sorry to be blunt, but I know you do not want to lose your sweet bird, so it is very important that you get him on the right kind of foods now, before it is too late.

Bird Food Guide

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