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November 18, 2021

My cocktail is losing a lot of feathers

My bird is losing a lost of his feathers and this has been going on for about two months I took him to the vet but she had me buy about hundred dollars worth of spray and nothing is working I have feathers every where


Hi Gladys,

If the bird doesn’t have any bare areas of skin showing, then he is probably just going through a heavy molt. I’ve heard of quite a few birds that have gone through a heavier than normal molt this year. One of mine went through the heaviest molt he has ever had, and it took at least 2 months. The weather has been so extreme one way or the other, and it can affect the bird’s system.

If he has bare patches of exposed skin, then he is plucking his own feathers. There can be a lot of causes. No matter the cause, bird sprays are not effective. At best they can make the feathers look better, but clear water is just as good. It can be hard to find an experienced Avian Vet, but you do need one who specifically treats birds, when it involves something like feather plucking.

Hopefully it is just a heavy molt and will be over soon.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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