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March 29, 2021

My conure bird his layed a egg should i stop all this

She layed a egg should i destroy her nest


Hi Nicole,

If you just have the one bird, then yes, you can throw the nest and eggs away. Birds do not need a nest unless they are a breeding pair, and then only during breeding season. She will most likely lay a few more eggs, with a day between each one. You can leave the eggs on the cage floor if she wants to sit on them, but do not give her a nest, box or anything she can sit in since you want to discourage this behavior. Single birds can become chronic egg layers, so there are things you can do to try to discourage her from laying again. As I mentioned, no nests, bird huts or tents, boxes – nothing she can nest in. If she tries to nest in a food bowl, remove it and give her smaller cups. Do not give her anything she can shred for nesting material – no paper or cardboard. When you handle her, limit any petting to her head and avoid petting her body. You can limit her daily light to 8-10 hours per day by covering her cage early in the evening. You can also rearrange toys in her cage, and move her cage to another place in the room every week or so. We have had several webinars on this subject, so you might want to view those. Here is the link to that playlist:

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