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May 16, 2019

My new /old bird ” I’m leaving on a jet Plane “

Please help educate me. My Best friend died. And willed me her African gray parrot. What is the best way to get him used to me …and I him.
As he used to bite her husband. What can I do to build a good relationship . I know nothing about birds. Thank you ( He flow 2000 miles ) it’s been two weeks.


Hi Sandra,

I am sorry for your loss. You are kind to take in the parrot and try to make things work out. He may still need more time to settle in. He has been through a lot and doesn’t understand the changes in his life. Greys are notorious for resisting change. You might do some research and find a good avian behaviorist, since you have never owned a bird. A grey can be a challenge to an experienced bird owner, so you could have your hands full depending on this bird’s personality. Mainly you will need to take things slowly and not force anything. I can provide some links on working with a new bird. There are also some African Grey groups where other owners help each other. Whatever you choose, I think a behaviorist or other owners or both will be the way to go rather than only reading. Good luck with this guy! I am sure ya’ll will be good friends.

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