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December 21, 2018

older bird diet

I have a female African Grey parrot who is 29 years old. She is quite active, talks a lot and generally is a joy to own.
I’m wondering about her diet as she grows older. She loves fresh veggies, mostly green and leafy. She seems to have grown tired of the typical seed preparations which include sunflower seeds, corn, etc. What would you recommend for a change to encourage her to eat more?


Hi Jane,

I’m glad your Grey is such a happy bird! It is good that she eats healthy veggies – this is what is keeping her healthy. Loose seed mixes do not offer much as far as nutrition because generally the seeds are not fresh enough. Pellets are great, but get very boring, especially for a bird like a Grey. We have a variety of diets that are nutritionally balanced the same as a pellet, but contain the whole ingredients she is used to and also provide foraging exercise they will not get from a pelleted diet. we also make a senior bird diet, Senior Bird Nutriberries. I will give you some links with suggestions on different foods and you may want to try her on the senior bird diet. She is closer to middle age, but still a good age to start this diet since she has been on seeds for so long.

Bird Food Guide

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