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January 25, 2023

Pellets for my birds

I have 2 young tame Java finches. Which pellets should I feed them and for always, even as they mature?
I also have 2 Catherine Parakeets. Which pellets should they eat?



We make a finch granule and a canary pellet – either would be good for a Java, depending on if they prefer granules or pellets. We make a basic pellet as well as a gourmet tropical fruit pellet. They can eat one or both as their daily diet.

For the grass parakeets, the same flavors are available and you would buy the parakeet or cockatiel size. Again it depends on what size they prefer. They might also enjoy our foraging diets, which are formulated the same as the pellets, but the ingredients are not ground up. Here is the link to our diets for more information.

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