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May 20, 2020

Preventing hormonal behavior

Tell me if I’m missing anything to PREVENT…. First time GIRL bird guardian & never want her 2 lay an egg since it will be unfruitful. She gets 12+hours sleep (bed time now 7pm), no more than 1t of fat (seed/nut) daily diet of sprouts & veggies no fruit. She’s going on 3 & starting to punch herself lol when she sees herself in the mirror & attack certain toys & rip paper & wood up which all fine providing she has no eggs. Thanks!!!


Hi CeaCea,

Her recent behavior is actually a first sign of hormonal behavior. A 12/12 schedule is more conducive to egg laying, so I’d go with 8-10 hour days at the most – cover her cage a bit earlier and get her up a little later or adjust how it works best for your household. I would watch her with the mirror and remove it if she shows signs of regurgitating on it or near it. It’s also time to stop giving her paper. The wood is fine – it’s generally good for frustrations and doesn’t work for nesting so it’s generally not an issue. But shredding paper products is a big time trigger for nesting.

I’m not sure about her diet – it sounds as if her primary diet is sprouts & veggies? Basically we recommend a nutritionally balanced diet such as pellets or a foraging diet – Avi-Cakes, Nutri-Berries, Pellet-Berries. Giving her loose seeds is not going to provide the nutritional needs she has. Seeds are not a bad food but most seeds are no longer very fresh by the time they make it to the shelves. We used fresh, hulled, locally grown seeds combined with other ingredients to make foods that are nutritionally balanced the same as a pellet, but they are not ground up. In addition, you can offer fruits, veggies, leafy greens and healthy table foods. The main thing is not to fill her bowls with a lot of food. Offer small amounts of the fresh foods and reduce those foods in the spring and summer or if she starts to act hormonal. And I would be cautious when offering sprouts due to the possible toxins and bacteria that can occur with sprouting. Please check out our bird food guide for more information.

Bird Food Guide

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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