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January 8, 2019

Regurgitating or vomiting

My 2 month old pineapple greencheek has been trying to regirgitate (or vomit)
For the past week now. Ive only seen him actually regurgitate once. He was in his cage and he started climbing the bars once he was hanging sideways he puked
Now the freaking out in his cage is normal for him i asked my avian vet and he says hes just anxious so how do we explain the vomiting


Hi Helen,

Are you certain of his age? A two month old bird would only just be weaned. If you didn’t hand feed him, it is possible that he was forcefully weaned, which caused this behavior. Sometimes it can help to start handfeeding again, so that you can repeat the weaning process. In this situation, the proper way to wean a bird is abundance weaning – which is making a variety of foods available at all times, as well as fresh water, while continuing to offer handfeeding formula 2 – 3 times a day. You can google the term “abundance weaning” to learn more about this.

Some recently weaned birds do not transition to a large cage very well. The cage can be intimidating if it is large. A small starter cage can offer more comfort and be a good option between the nest box or brooder and the large adult bird cage.

Recently weaned birds can often have too much bacteria or yeast in their crop and/or intestines. If you didn’t take him to the vet, then it would be a good idea to do so and let the vet check for these issues.

If there is a change he is older than what you were told, this may be hormonal behavior. Although they are not emotionally ready to breed, hand fed birds often mature at a young age and don’t know how to react to their hormones. This can be as young as 8 months of age with a conure.

There are links on this page that may also offer some help. Hopefully your little guy is just going through a developmental phase.

Caring For Your Bird

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