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October 14, 2019

Rescue Agency

Hummm, I may have deleted my original question. Is there a rescue agency that would have a male cockatoo as a mate for my female? She is an Umbrella and lonely. I am inquiring for a friend with no PC. Specifics upon request. Thank you for your time.


Hi Leanne,

You would need to search in your area for any parrot rescues or adoption centers. However, they will not adopt a bird out to be a breeder. If your female is lonely, you need to handle her more or find her a home that has time to handle her. This is one reason there are so many birds in rescue centers. You can’t just put a male and female cockatoo together. Cockatoos are very hard to breed because the males have a tendency to kill the females if the female isn’t receptive. Even if you don’t plan to breed them, she is at risk of being attacked and killed by the male if you keep them in the same cage. I would not even cage two females together because this aggression can still happen between same sex birds. It is not fully understood, but it is very common with cockatoos in captivity. Unfortunately, if you don’t have time for one bird, adding another bird is not the solution.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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