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July 20, 2018

Safe food

I have a goffin cockatoo and she is currently on Roudybush renal care pellet formula for many years. Her kidney levels are fine. The vet recommends that I put her on a supplement for Omega 3 & 6 for her health. I asked if I can include another pelleted formula to help with the benefits and they suggested something not high potency such as Harrison or Zupreem & a “lifetime maintenance type of food. Do you have any similar products you can suggest? Has to be low in protein due to her uric acid levels to stay normal.


Hi Jo,

I’m sorry for the delay but needed to discuss this with one of our Avian Vets, Dr. Susan Orosz. She pointed out the research by Dr. Kirk C. Klasing, professor with UC Davis Department of Animal Science. He has done extensive research with protein levels in birds. His findings proved that protein does not cause uric acid to increase from renal failure in birds. He raised the protein to really high levels and it did not produce gout. You might refer your Vet to this link:

All of our diets are Omega 3 & 6 balanced. While our pellets would be fine for your Goffin’s, you might try some variety and offer our Nutri-Berries, Pellet-Berries or Avi-Cakes. These diets are formulated the same as a pellet, but they contain whole ingredients instead of being ground and formed into a pellet. The Pellet-Berries and Avi-Cakes contain pellets along with whole ingredients. My 50-60 year old wild caught Goffin’s has eaten these diets for his entire captive life. He really enjoys them and has never had a health problem. Goffin’s are so intelligent and need foraging exercise to keep them busy, so I’m sure your Goffin’s would enjoy the variety and challenge that these whole ingredient choices would give her.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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