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January 18, 2021

Shipping boxes

During the first First Aid lecture, I saw a question regarding the use shipping boxes for birds to chew on. I didn’t see that question answered and am wondering the same thing; is it safe to allow the birds to chew on used shipping boxes after the tape/labels have been removed.


Hi Richard,

This question has started to come up a lot lately. I really cannot find a definitive answer through research. But with Covid, many warehouses are disinfecting boxes. Since there is no way to really know what may be on the boxes, it’s better to be cautious and not give them shipping boxes. There are plenty of bird safe enrichment items that are safe to use. Boxes can also be a big hormone trigger, for male and female birds. Both can view a box as a nest and with females, it can result in unnecessary egg laying, which is hard on her system.

Than you for asking Lafeber,


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