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August 14, 2018

shredding paper

hi there.
We use newspaper on the bottom of our cage for our sun conure.He constantly shreds it even outside the breeding period.He has wooden toys all the time in his cage.Is there something he is lacking or is he just a meathead?


Hi Norm,

Parrots love to shred things and it is not always related to breeding. They are natural foragers so shredding foliage away from food is part of their natural feeding behavior.  And yes, shredding cage paper can be breeding related or just something fun to do. I would recommend changing to a parrot safe bedding that you can find in pet or bird stores or online. There are several types available. Newspaper can rub off on their feathers and some inks may not be safe. Plus this can encourage breeding behavior which can include territorial and aggressive behavior. As a replacement you can check out different types of bird toys other than wood. Many of the bird toys are made with different materials and parrots enjoy exploring various textures.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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