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October 11, 2022

Small birds diet

What are the best foods to feed Budgies and Cockatiels – pellets, seeds, nutraberries, Avi-Cakes, Nutra-An, millet for bribes and of course water?


Hi Kath,

Any or all of these foods are great for the primary diet, 80%, except for the extra seeds, and of course millet is a treat. The Avi-Cakes and Nutri-Berries are formulated the same as a pellet and can be fed instead of or combined with pellets, as you are doing. They contain all of the whole seeds your birds need. These seeds are fresh, human grade seeds with the hulls removed, so the added nutrients are consumed and not lost with the hull. Loose seeds are mostly a junk food and take away from the balanced nutrition they get from their other foods. Loose seeds cannot be fortified because of their hulls, and they are rarely fresh enough to retain much in the way of their natural benefits.

You can also offer leafy greens, veggies, fruit and some healthy treats as 20% of the diet. Below is a link to our feeding guide with more suggestions.

Bird Food Guide

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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