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December 2, 2019

Too many eggs

I have a 9yr old sun conure . She is in an egg cycle and has layed 20 eggs as of this morning . The last time she layed was 4-5 yrs ago , i have not changed her diet however I did change her cage bottom from newspaper to corn cob . She is acting normal . I have left the eggs but she is still laying . I am at my wits end and would like her to stop , please , any advise would be appreciated . Thank u !!


Hi Patti,

This is definitely an alarming number of eggs and laying this many can put her health at risk. It may be the new bedding feels more like a nest, so since that changed just before this started, I would remove it. Try moving her cage location, clean the cage and just leave her with 6 eggs, move her toys around – anything to disrupt her routine. Does her cage have a floor grate? Generally this discourages egg laying because the eggs fall through. If she is using something as a nest, take that away. While the advice is to let her keep the eggs, letting her nest in something is worse as it encourages the egg laying. If she has a grate, leave the eggs on the grate. If they fall through, this should actually help discourage her. If making changes to her cage and routine do not work, then I would take her to an avian Vet. Sometimes in extreme cases a hormone injection is necessary.

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