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February 7, 2019

training fischer lovebirds.

-i bought a pair of fischer lovebirds three months ago. i tried my best to train them, and when i try to touch them, they either panic in their cage or try to bite me. i have no idea how old they are. any suggestions on how to tame them?

p.s: i have a feeling the female is going to lay eggs.


Hi Siah,

Loveirds are very hard to tame unless they were hand fed or handled as chicks. When you have two birds in the same cage, it will be almost impossible to tame them. It sounds like a bonded paid, especially if the female is going to lay eggs. If breeding birds is not your thing, the best thing is to find them a new home and get a single bird that is already tame. When you have two birds that share a cage, even same sex, they will generally bond with each other and no longer be tame or not be able to be tamed.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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