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January 12, 2021

Van life with Cockatiel

We are interested in pursuing a nomadic life style in the near future, with Frisko our Cockatiel.

Our main concern is with our Propane stove and heater, due to the fumes it emits. We don’t have any concerns regarding his living condition do to immense training with a harness to new environments, as well as desensitization to foreign stressors.
We just want to know, if we provide proper ventilation and air flow, will the fumes still be a concern?

Please if you can, provide any advice to our situation, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Kyra,

If the air is safe for humans, it should be safe for a bird. While birds are more sensitive to airborne toxins, anything that can poison a bird will also be bad for a human. While propane fumes are not toxic, they do replace oxygen in the respiratory system. Be sure everything is well ventilated and definitely have carbon monoxide alarms. Follow all directions and warnings on anything you use in an enclosed space.

Enjoy the road!


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