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June 15, 2022

What to feed cockatiel parents?

I’ve been searching everywhere for a concise list, however what is the ideal food to give to cockatiel parents in order to support their babies?

My pair are on a mix of good quality pellets, vegetables and some seeds, however when it’s just this food in the cage they don’t seem to feed the babies.

I know that scrambled egg is good for the birds, and when I serve it they eat it joyfully, but I’ve read you can only serve it once a week.

I’ve tried mixing some pellets and sweets with some water to soften them, along with some hand feeding formula, but the parents don’t seem too interested in it so I’m bit at a loss on what to feed next.


Hi Abbi,

You are feeding the right foods, however, when they are breeding, sitting on eggs and then feeding chicks, the egg should be offered daily. You should also wash & crush the shell and cook it with the eggs. Once the chicks are weaned, then you do not need to feed egg anymore until it is time for the parents to breed again – this will be at least 6 months, and the nest box should be taken down during this rest period.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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