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June 15, 2020

When would be the best time to take her out

I’m sorry again in advance, guess I just don’t trust my own judgement. Those articles really helped. But I have another question, I think she really wants to get out of here cage it’s been four days since we got her. And verde just got a new cage yesterday that she’s in. She is was hand fed but she’s still afraid of my hand. I’ve been reading different ways to get her to trust me, but I know it won’t happen overnight. Do you think it might be time for her explore my room? But I would have to be there of course I just worry that she’ll get scared and hurt herself or bite me or something.


Hi Morgan,

It’s always best to ask if you aren’t sure! I think it is best to keep encouraging her to accept your hand. She has more incentive to trust you once she realizes you are the key to coming out of the cage. If you allow her to come and go as she pleases, she will be harder to get on your hand. Do you know if her wings are clipped? Either way, she could hurt herself if she panicked after coming out of her cage if you let her out before she trusts you. Green Cheeks are generally sweet and not as likely to bite as other species. But it is important that you are confident with her. If you pull your hand back from her, you are telling her you don’t trust her, so she is more likely to bite the next time. She may reach out with her beak when she is ready to step up, so it is important not to pull away. If she does bite, try not to react. I know that can be hard to do, but if you yell ouch and pull your hand away quickly, she will keep doing it. You can give a stern “be careful” or “gentle” which usually will startle them and make them think. I always say it’s best to get the first bite out of the way because it really isn’t that bad. If you own a bird, you will get bitten at some point. But you learn to read their body language and know when to handle her and when she probably needs some space. Keep up the reading and working to gain her trust. Let me know when you have another question.

Thanks for the update,


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