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August 31, 2021

which bird is best?

hello 🙂
I am 15 years old and i have been wanting a bird for a very long time now. My family use to have two cockatiels and budgies. I have always wanted either a Love bird, Parrotlet, or Green cheeked Conure.
I am homeschooled and due to covid we are home almost all the time. I do however have to go back and forth between households and i want to take it back and fourth but i wanted to ask, what bird sounds like it would be better suited for this?


Hi Sekoya,

You definitely want to get a hand fed bird. I would recommend a lovebird or the green-cheek conure. Parrotlets are neat birds, but they can get a bit nippy and can be more challenging than you would think, given their size. Since you have been around birds, you might do well with the conure. I helped another teenager last year, under similar circumstances, and she has done well with her bird. Make sure you can handle the bird before you buy it. Some places have birds that have been weaned for a while and not handled enough, so the birds get a bit wild. A bird like that may or may not tame back down. You are better off with a bird that you can handle in the store, or at the breeder’s, before you buy it. If they try to tell you to wait and take it home, then that is not the place to buy a bird. A good seller will want you to handle the bird first. Make sure everyone at both homes are on board with you having the bird and will support you. Consider any risks at both homes, such as other pets. Everyone needs to understand dangers like smoking or any type of fume, such as from cleaning solutions or even just an air freshener. Both homes need to be bird safe. We have some great webinars on our Youtube channel, so you should check out those titles and watch any that can help you prepare for a pet bird. We specifically have webinars there on household dangers and similar topics. Also do a lot of research on caging, food and toys, and make sure your parents are committed to paying for Veterinary care when needed. It can get expensive, however some of the pet insurance providers are now offering policies for pet birds. If you will be at one house during the week and the other only on weekends, then a smaller travel type cage can be find for a few days. So you would have the bird’s large cage at the home where you spend the most time. If the time is split evenly, you might need to get a large cage for each home. This might also help you decide which species of bird, because a lovebird can do fine in a smaller cage than a conure, since the lovebird doesn’t have the longer tail. Enjoy doing your research and we are here for questions if you have any.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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