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November 23, 2020

Yellow double headed Amazon. She is 13 years old. I have gotten her from a family that had her 5 years

How do I go about making her feel safe and happy and get used to her new home and my family. I also have a parakeet. They ate in the living room where the tv is and Im at and also can see everyone when we are in the kitchen Right now when I talk to her she turns her head will quick away from me and sometimes you will look at me. One time she step down to bottom of the cage and kinda of look at me with her head down. After 30 mintues of getting here she said three words but thatss thats it so far .. I got her last night so she has been here since 7:00 last night and it is now 10:00 next morning.. I have read it takes two weeks or more for her to feel safe. I just want to know what We need to do to help her feel safe and happy and comfortable. Thank you



Hi Tina,

The best thing to do is give her time and don’t expect too much, too soon. Some birds settle in right away, some may take weeks or months or longer to accept a new owner. It depends on if she was tame in the first place, and how she has been treated in the past. Do be careful about the small bird because if he lands on the Amazon’s cage, the Amazon could kill him in an instant. These birds can live in the same room but should never have contact with each other. As for the Amazon, talk to her, give her treats, but don’t reach for her or put your hands near her if she acts scared. I’ll give you some links to read that should really help walk you through the process.

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