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January 11, 2021

Zebra finch male

We have 7 male zebra finches. They are building a nest but there are no females. Is the normal?


Hi Selna,

This is not unusual at all. In captivity, same sex birds will often form a mate bond and behave as a breeding pair. Your male finches are likely hoping to attract some females by building nests. The only concern would be if they become territorial and start fighting with each other. Also since you have an off number of birds together, they could end up pairing off and leaving one bird out. I wouldn’t give them any type of nest – they have no need for a est since there are no females, and birds only need a nest during breeding season. But as long as their nest building remains peaceful, it gives them an activity and some enrichment. If you notice any fighting or any of the birds being picked on or missing feathers, then I would take away anything they can use to build nests and not allow this activity to continue. Finches do enjoy the small colorful plastic toys that are made for small birds. They also like swings, so some small toy and some swings can give them something to do.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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