Aoife O’Sullivan MVB Cert AVP(ECC) MRCVS

Aoife O’Sullivan, MVB Cert AVP(ECC) MRCVSAoife O’Sullivan graduated from University College Dublin in 2001. Initially she spent a few years in equine, mixed practice and then small animal practice. She was introduced to the world of small animal emergency medicine in 2006 and has worked in emergency practice for 8 years. She joined Vets Now in 2009 and became Senior Veterinary Surgeon of the Birmingham clinic in 2010 and progressed to a District Vet role in 2011 until 2013. Aoife currently holds the position of Head of Edge Programmes, with responsibility for Vets Now’s Cutting Edge and Refresh Your Edge courses. Aoife completed her Cert AVP (ECC) with the RVC/RCVS in 2013 and is an RCVS Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in Emergency and Critical Care.

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