• Nugent-Deal cropped square

    Exotic Small Mammal Anesthesia

  • toad in gloved hands

    Amphibian Sedation and Anesthesia

  • Avian Neonatology and Pediatrics

  • box turtle Cizauskas

    Blood Collection in Turtles and Tortoises

  • Avian Cardiology Essentials

  • tail vein Beardie cropped square

    Blood Collection in Lizards

  • cardiocentesis cropped square Lennox

    Blood Collection in Snakes

  • Testudo hermanii FCC

    Keeping and Treating Mediterranean Tortoises

  • rabbit GI lateral Oglesbee cropped square

    Decision Making in Rabbit Gastrointestinal Syndrome

  • rabbit on grass

    Rabbit Nutrition and Critical Care Feeding

  • VD survey rad Huynh

    Avian Radiology: Basic Principles, Reference Values & Clinical Cases

  • ultrasound chicken ovary

    Ultrasound in Birds

  • Zoonoses Associated with Exotic Pets

  • Tortoise eating hay Resa McLellan

    Reptile and Amphibian Nutrition

  • Saker cross FCC

    Medical, Nursing & Cosmetic Procedures of Birds of Prey

  • bunny w hay Magnotti

    Gastrointestinal Stasis in Rabbits

  • Vet holding snake cropped square

    Moving From Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Resilience

  • gpig thorax cropped square Vella

    Small Mammal Imaging and Radiographic Cases

  • Brahmas chicken JumpV

    Fowl Detectives

  • osprey Andy Morffew

    Structure and Function in Raptors

  • flying macaw

    Liberating Wings: The Possibility of Transformative Parrot Conservation

  • incisor malocclusion cropped square Keller

    Rabbit and Large Herbivorous Rodent Dental Disease

  • Rich w Macaw WGNO cropped square

    An Introduction to Exotic Animal Medicine

  • Toco toucan Jinterwas

    Avian Raw Whole Food Nutrition

  • Clinical Approach to Amphibian Emergencies

  • Guinea pig in towel

    Sedation & Pain Management of Exotic Companion Mammals

  • Saturn wing droop Leighty

    Introduction to Avian Orthopedics

  • beardie righting reflex hand Lennox

    Anesthetic Depth in Exotic Animals: Monitoring the Degree of Central Nervous System Depression

  • The rabbit nasolacrimal duct is relatively long and narrow with a tortuous course

    Dacryocystitis and Nasolacrimal Flush in Rabbits

  • Flight Mechanics, Parrot Welfare, & Ethical Concerns

  • intubated ABE Flickr

    Avian Anesthesia Webinar

  • Cormorant receiving transfusion

    Critical Care Techniques for Avian Wildlife Emergencies

  • Clinical Avian Nutrition for the Veterinary Health Professional

    Clinical Avian Nutrition for Veterinary Health Professionals

  • grey head in bowl Papooga

    Avian Nutrition Basics

  • avian necropsy lab PennVet

    A Guide to Avian Necropsy

  • conure on finger

    Minimizing Stress to Avian Patients During the Veterinary Visit

  • Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Triage

  • Pig by Juliana Thielen

    Routine Veterinary Care of the Miniature Pig

  • veiled chameleon

    Reproductive Disease in Reptiles

  • Emergency and Critical Care in Rabbits Post-Test

    Emergency and Critical Care of Rabbits

  • Dr. Bob Doneley with macaw

    2018 Avian Practitioner of the Year

  • green tree python Rob Buhlmahn FCC

    General Principles of Reptile Venipuncture

  • gecko blue towel Mede

    Lizard Handling and Restraint

  • holding snake Mede cropped square

    Snake Handling and Restraint

  • What Parrots Want?!? The Importance and Use of Foraging and Environmental Enrichment for Birds

    What Parrots Want: The Importance and Use of Foraging and Environmental Enrichment for Birds

  • Chicken sinusitis cropped square ECHOLS

    Avian Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology & Diseases: An Overview

  • cat hiding in tall grass Tony Alter cropped square

    The Parrot Brain On Shapes: Similarities with Human Visual Processing

  • Bearded dragon

    Spotlight on Anesthesia & Analgesia in Reptiles

  • veterinarian w parrot microscope

    Best Practices: Cytodiagnosis in Exotic Pet Practice

  • rabbit incisors

    Rabbit Anatomy Basics Slideshow

  • Quality Exotic Small Mammal Anesthesia

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Avian Gastrointestinal Tract: Clinical Applications

    Anatomy and Physiology of the Avian Gastrointestinal Tract: Clinical Applications

  • Green wing macaw D Coetzee

    Medical Management of Psittacines with Bornavirus Ganglioneuritis (PDD)

  • sick rabbit in incubator

    Nutritional Support to the Critical Exotic Patient

  • Feather Destructive Behavior in Psittacine Birds Post Webinar

    Feather Destructive Behavior in Psittacine Birds Webinar

  • Wing Wrap Placement in Birds

  • Grey Parrot Anatomy Project Veterinary Webinar

  • Crit Care Nutr infographic

    Critical Care Nutrition

  • Restraint & Handling of Small Exotic Companion Mammals Webinar

    Restraint & Handling of Small Exotic Companion Mammals Webinar

  • Intramuscular Injections in Small Mammals

  • Understanding Shock in Exotic Animals

    Understanding Shock in Exotic Animals Webinar

  • chinning

    Behavior Essentials: The European Rabbit

  • 2014 TJ Lafeber Avian Practitioner of the Year

    2014 T.J. Lafeber Avian Practitioner of the Year

  • Foraging for birds webinar

    Foraging and Enrichment Webinar

  • i like a challenge Schoemaker

    Fascinating Facts on Foraging and Enrichment

  • Catheters in Reptiles

  • turtle divided in half green

    Administration of Medication in Reptiles

  • Esophagostomy Tube Placement in the Ferret

  • Visite de santé annuelle

    Yearly Checkup: Promote Exotic Pet Annual Exams

  • epidural ferret needle insertion

    Epidural Anesthesia in Small Mammals

  • sick ferret with a saphenous catheter

    Intravenous Catheter Placement in Small Mammals

  • Using a small syringe, slowly deliver food every 6 to 8 hours to minimize pressure on the small-diameter nasogastric tube.

    Nasogastric Tube Placement in the Rabbit

  • Insert the needle into the angle created by the manubrium and the first rib.

    Blood Collection in Ferrets

  • inserting speculum

    Oral Examination in Rabbits and Rodents

  • child w stickaroo and budgie

    Lafeber in the Field: Stick-A-Roos at Zoo Atlanta

  • Hyperextend head

    Endotracheal Intubation in the Rabbit

  • rabbit veinipuncture

    Blood Collection in Rabbits

  • broken blood feather

    Presenting problem: Hemorrhage in Birds

  • broken blood feather

    Presenting problem: Broken Blood Feather

  • Tape T-port to an area outside of the bandage

    Intravenous Catheter Placement in the Bird

  • syringe feed ferret

    Syringe Feeding the Ferret

  • La contention du furet

    Ferret Restraint

  • backing rabbit into crate

    Rabbit Restraint

  • Syringe Feeding Herbivorous Small Mammals

  • urinary catheter ferret

    Urethral Catheterization in Male Ferrets

  • Administración de Fluidos Subcutáneos en Aves

    Subcutaneous Fluids in Birds

  • Passerine restraint

    Passerine Handling and Restraint

  • IO cath bird

    Intraosseous Catheter Placement in the Bird

  • Intraosseous Catheter Placement in Small Mammals

  • Parrot Restraint

    Parrot Handling and Restraint