Instructions to Authors

Instructions for Online Manuscript Submission

Submit manuscripts online to

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Manuscript Components

Include the manuscript including title, key words, text, references, and as appropriate, figure legends, tables in one file. The file size of the text, excluding references and legends, should ideally consist of 1500 words or less. Please send figures separately.

New contributors: Please submit a brief, 75 to 150 word, biographical blurb for addition to the Contributor pages. Include a high-quality digital photograph to be posted with your biography.

List references in proper format in alphabetical order. Abbreviate names of journals according to the journals list in PubMed at

Examples of reference style:


Klasing KC. Comparative Avian Nutrition. New York: CABI Publishing; 1998.

Book article or chapter

Doneley B, Harrison GJ, Lightfoot TL. Maximizing information from the physical examination. In: Harrison GJ, Lightfoot TL (eds). Clincial Avian Medicine. Palm Beach, FL: Spix Publishing; 2006:153-211.

Journal article

Chang GJ, Davis BS, Stringfield C, Lutz C. Prospective immunization of the endangered California condors protects this species from lethal West Nile virus infection. Vaccine 25(12):2325-2330, 2007.

Conference paper

Bengtsson S, Solheim BG. Enforcement of data protection, privacy and security in medical informatics. Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Medical Informatics; 1992. p. 1561-1565.


Harder, B. Worst of two worlds: Hybrid mosquitoes spread West Nile virus. Science News Web site. 2004. Available at: Accessed May 15, 2007.

Magazine, or newspaper article

Kavanaugh M. Artists nest in Birdtown factory. Cleveland Plain Dealer. May 14, 2007:B1.

Encyclopedia Article

Sturgeon T. Science fiction. In: Lorimer LT, editorial director; Cummings C, ed-in-chief; Leish KW, managing ed. The Encyclopedia Americana. Vol 24. International ed. Danbury, Conn: Grolier Incorporated; 1995:390-392.

Manuscript File Formats

Acceptable manuscript file formats include Word and Open Office. Please use 10-, 11-, or 12-point font size and leave right margins unjustified.

Style Guidelines

Accepted manuscripts are edited in accordance with the American Medical Association Manual of Style and returned to the author for approval.


Do not use abbreviations in the title and limit their use in the text. Expand all abbreviations at first mention in the text.

Units of measure

Conventional units of measure are preferred, with Système International (SI) units expressed in parentheses. Exceptions to this policy include calories, hematocrit, glycosylated hemoglobin, blood cell counts, and ejection fraction, for which conventional units alone should be expressed. The metric system is preferred for the expression of length, area, mass, and volume.

Names of drugs, devices, and other products

Use non-proprietary names of drugs, devices, and other products whenever possible, providing brand name and manufacturer in parentheses.

Copyright Policy

LafeberVet does not require copyright ownership for manuscripts submitted for publication, however we do request a summary of prior publication in any printed (journals, proceedings, books) or internet format (web site, CD-ROM) so that we can provide full disclosure to our readers.


Please send files in high-resolution (72 ppi, 600 px wide minimum) JPEG  format.