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Liberating Wings: The Possibility of Transformative Parrot Conservation

Dr. LoraKim Joyner of One Earth Conservation presented this distance-learning event on parrot conservation for the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Wildlife, Zoological, and Avian Animal Medicine Club as part of the Lafeber Company Student Program.

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Palawan Turtle Crisis

Did you hear about the Palawan turtle crisis? In June 2015, Philippine authorities confiscated over 4,000 turtles, many of them critically endangered Philippine forest turtles (Siebenrockiella leytensis), intended for the illegal pet trade. Enjoy LafeberVet’s brief, fun slideshow that explores our Emeraid donation for the Palawan turtle crisis as well as care of many, many, many turtles. Although medical supplies are not currently required, financial contributions are still needed for this important conservation effort.


Ten Things Every Avian Veterinarian Should Know About Conservation Medicine

Birds are in trouble worldwide. One in eight bird species are threatened with extinction, and even common species are declining. Only species able to flourish in altered habitats or supported by intervention techniques have stable or improving populations. Notable successes in North America include the California condor, bald eagle, whooping crane, peregrine falcon, and the Puerto Rican parrot. These species could not have increased in number over the last two decades without the perseverance and diligence of interdisciplinary conservation teams. There are many conservation teams that can use your avian veterinary medical skills and experience…


Ten Things You Can Do to Promote Avian Conservation

If you have skills in fundraising, publicity, graphic design, translation, photography and video recording, editing and writing, website design, biology, climbing, handling birds, or medical care of birds you may find a spot in the field, or working remotely as part of the support staff.


Supplies for the Avian Conservation Medicine Field Kit

If you are planning to participate in avian conservation fieldwork, this list should serve as a starting point. Refine your own list by learning what is already available amongst other team members and in the region.


Dr. LoraKim Joyner, Director of Lafeber Conservation

As Director of Lafeber Conservation, Dr. LoraKim Joyner oversees the programs and administration of this project. She also provides in-country consultation in avian conservation medicine in Central America, and she also writes and lectures widely on avian conservation and related topics. Review a summary of Dr. Joyner’s work experience as well as a list of upcoming presentations and projects.


Understanding the Illegal Parrot Trade

While there are more parrots than ever before in captivity, there are fewer parrots in the wild now than at any time in recorded history. In fact, psittacine birds are the most threatened group of bird species in the world today. The situation is particularly dire in the neotropics where at least 46 out of 145 species are at risk of global extinction. Although the cause of declining parrot populations worldwide is complex, the most important factors include habitat loss, culling, and capture of individuals for the pet trade…


People and Parrots of Honduras and Guatemala: Update 2010

A brief summary of avian conservation work in Honduras and Guatemala in 2010, supported by Lafeber Company, LoraKim Joyner, Wildlife Conservation Society, Gainesville Bird Fanciers, and the Instituto para la Ciencia y la Conservción de la Biodiversidad en Honduras.


Austral Peregrine Falcons in Patagonia, Argentina

The Austral or Patagonian peregrine falcon is one of the less known subspecies of this falcon worldwide, found along the Andes Mountains, Patagonian steppes and seacoasts of southern South America. The current conservation status of this falcon in Argentina is completely unknown and studies about its health status are lacking. Many species of raptors, including peregrine falcons, are globally threatened by human persecution, reduction in the availability of prey, use of pesticides, collisions with power lines and illegal commerce…


People and Parrots of Guatemala: Update 2009

May you, like the Maya, hear the quetzal calling to you, inviting you on the journey of a lifetime as you discover the wealth of Guatemala and the richness of the gifts you have to offer.