two rabbits outside eating
Rabbits might eat fast, but they chew their food thoroughly! castleguard/

Of course rabbits are cute, adorable, fuzzy, sweet, hilarious, and a host of other amazing things that make us lucky to have them in our lives. But pet rabbits are more than just trusted companions; rabbits can show us how to live life to the fullest. Check out nine ways that rabbits live as examples we might want to follow, and leave a comment if your rabbit has taught you other ways!

1. Chew And Chew Like Rabbits Do!

You’ve watched your rabbit eat. There’s a lot of chewing involved. A LOT. After all, good digestion starts in the mouth. Why not try chewing your food at least 10 more times for each bite? You’re bound to enjoy your food more, and your digestive tract may thank you by minimizing any upsets. Who knows? You might even eat a bit less if you eat more slowly.

2. Be Focused Like A Rabbit

Did you ever see a rabbit trying to multitask? Yeah, not so much. They might play with their food a bit or sit in the litter box eating and, er, excreting at the same time, but otherwise, rabbits are pretty focused creatures. When they do something, they do that thing. Rabbits are mindful; they live in the moment. For years, many people have looked on multitasking as a goal in all things. Lately, though, mindfulness is taking center stage. Certainly multitasking is needed in parts of your life, but consider if you can be more focused.

3. Show Your Joy Like A Bunny Binky!

No need to leap into the air with a twist, but if you’re happy, show it! Bunnies do it with binkies, you can do it with a smile, laugh, clap, jig, whistle, or numerous other expressions of happiness. And if you’re happy, you might just make others around you happy, as research on the contagiousness of happiness shows.

two rabbits side by side
Bunnies usually like being around other bunnies; it’s their nature to be sociable. Alexas Fotos/

4. Embrace Social Living Like Rabbits

Rabbits are a social species. Studies show that rabbits maintain better well-being when housed in pairs or groups that get along rather than being alone. After all, what’s better than playing, cuddling with, or grooming a rabbit buddy? People are social by nature, too. Aristotle wrote about this, and it continues to be discussed. Family, friends, and other social relationships are important and require face-to-face interaction. Don’t rely solely on texts, phone calls, or other high-tech communication for your social life.

5. Listen To Your Body Like A Rabbit

When a healthy bunny is hungry, he eats. Thirsty? He’s lapping or sipping water. Sleepy? He’s in bunny Napland. People might let their schedule or events wreak havoc on the sleep and nourishment that their bodies need. details the recommended amount of sleep people need. Yes, the older you get the less you need, but it’s only at 65 or older that 5 hours minimum might be enough; but the recommended amount of sleep at that age is 7 to 8 hours. Drinking water and eating a balanced diet are also vital to human health; and when you eat is almost as important as what you eat.

6. Seek Out New Adventures Like Curious Rabbits

Curiosity is the trademark of most rabbits. They enjoy exploring new areas, re-exploring old ones, or checking out new toys or new food. Certainly some rabbits are timid and won’t relish new places or items as much as other rabbits, but they are more of an exception. The mental stimulation provided by exploring new places, things, or food is healthy for rabbits. The same holds true for people. As a species, we are curious. Don’t squelch that, encourage it!

7. Treat Yourself To Rewards, You Know Your Rabbit Would!

Rabbits know when treats are around, and most immediately find a way to let you know that they want some treats. Although the need for rewards for people is still a topic of debate, think about what works for you. What motivates you to achieve things in your life? A sense of accomplishment, praise, a treat (be it food, relaxation time, a product, etc.), or something else? Rewards, even small ones, can add a lot to life as you work toward your goals. Of course, don’t go overboard on rewards; rabbits get treats, but they’re limited.

Flemish lop rabbit portrait
Healthy rabbits self-groom, so if a rabbit isn’t looking like his fluffy self, he’s probably not feeling his best. theohalbe/

8. Look Your Best As Rabbits Do

For rabbits, grooming isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about good health. A well-groomed rabbit means a healthy rabbit; an unkempt rabbit can be a signal of illness. Think about it. When you look good, you feel better than when you don’t.

9. Make Something Out Of Nothing, Rabbits Do!

No new toys for your rabbit? No problem, it’s DIY to the rescue. Crinkle up an ink-free piece of paper and toss it to your pal, find a clean cardboard box to give him, or just lay down an open paper bag. Hiding hay inside cardboard tubes or paper bags add intrigue to plain items. Your rabbit may surprise you with all he can do with common items. Just keep safety in mind and never give your pet objects that are sharp, could break into pieces that could be swallowed, or might contain toxins. All it takes is looking at everyday objects with different eyes to see the hidden potential. This applies to your life, too. You can always find something new or fun in the world around you.


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