rat in Santa hat inside a red basket with wrapped gifts

Gift Ideas For Your Pet Rats

Giving gifts to your pet rat is fun! If you need inspiration, check out these rat gift ideas that range from higher priced to free.

Pet Rats Hiding Food: Personal Experiences

What’s behind the urge for pet rats to hide food and hoard things? Brandi Saxton offers her observations on this strange yet normal rat behavior after sharing her home with rats for decades.

rat wearing hat and sitting in metal pumpkin cauldron

Tips For Holiday-Themed Rat Photo Shoots

Use these tips to safely immortalize your wonderful pet rats with holiday-themed rat photos. Yes, you can do a photo shoot with your rat safely and have fun, too!

rat sitting on fabric looking at camera

All About Rat Myths

Pet rats sometimes battle a bad reputation based on long-time rat myths. Find out why pet rats are more amazing than many people know.

rat posed on gray and white background

Fun Facts About Rats You May Not Know

Rats are compassionate, intelligent, heroic, and honored. They also lack a gallbladder and tonsils. These and other fun rat facts will impress you, or at least make great conversation starters!

rat posed beneath tiny umbrella with tiny pool float and sunglasses

Keep Pet Rats Cool When It’s Hot

When temperatures soar above 80, your rats must keep cool or be at risk for heatstroke or worse. Find out the signs of discomfort, how to keep rats cool, and what to do if a vet visit is needed.

white rat in blanket

Is My Rat Sick Or In Pain? Know The Signs

By learning these signs of rat sickness or pain, you have a better chance or recognizing when your furry friend needs help. Your rat won’t be able to speak and tell you when it’s not feeling well.

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