guinea pig standing

American Guinea Pig Breed

Get to know the American guinea pig! This shorthaired breed is one of the oldest and most popular of the guinea pig breeds.

cover of the book "A Guinea Pig Romeo & Juliet"

A Guinea Pig Romeo & Juliet

What is “A Guinea Pig Romeo & Juliet”? Only your next must-read book. In only 64 pages of brilliant text, you’ll experience Shakespeare’s classic as never before, with adorable guinea pigs in amazing costumes and sets.

guinea pig eating hay in a cage

Your Guinea Pig’s Home

Your new buddy needs a place of his or her own as a retreat. A place that keeps your pal safe and your belongings safe. Several options work, so consider guinea pig needs and your available space when choosing.

guinea pig face

Do Guinea Pigs Make Good Pets?

If you’re wondering whether a guinea pig would be a good pet, the real question to ask is whether a guinea pig makes a good pet for you.

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