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October 28, 2021


What is the best bedding for a cockatoo?
Are extruded pine pellets safe for the bird?


Hi Therese,

Plain brown paper or unprinted newspaper are good choices. If the bird can reach the tray, then all natural aspen bedding is the safest as far as shavings go.

There are two ways to make pellets – true pelleting or extruded. Lafeber’s pellets are the only real pelleted food found in pet stores. Most of the other “pellets” are actually extruded diets. Lafeber prefers to pellet because a higher-quality product is achieved. Pelleting is a gentler food process as compared to extrusion. Pellets reach a temperature of around 165 degrees when formed and are then cooled. Because extrusion generally requires 100% gelatinization of the starches (the starches melt), the food is generally heated to 250 to 275 degrees under high pressure 300 to 600 psig when formed, and then must be cooked for approximately 20 minutes. Because of the extrusion processing, extruded foods generally need to be supplemented an extra 20 to 30% due to a nutrient loss as compared to only a 10% loss during pelleting.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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