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January 21, 2019


Our peach face love bird is shredding anything in the cage and keeps emptying her food out onto the bottom of her cage. She also won’t eat anything but seeds not all kinds just certain ones. And she is getting very nasty and growls when we come up to the cage


Hi Marie,

Your lovebird is exhibiting breeding behavior. She is very likely to begin laying eggs soon. If she does not have a mate, this can be a problem because single birds can become chronic egg layers.

First you need to make sure she does not have any paper or fabric she can shred. Wood toys are OK, but nothing that she can shred into pieces that she may use as nesting material – no paper, cage bedding, etc. She is trying to use her food bowl as a nest, so you might look into getting a could of small food bowls that she can’t fit into. Do not give her any type of bird bed, tent or bird bath. Anything she can sit in can become a nest. Move her cage to a different place in the room. Make sure her exposure to light is limited to no more than 10 hours a day by covering her cage in the evening and uncovering in the morning. as you have found, a female lovebird in breeding season can be very aggressive. If she was breeding, you would want to give her privacy. In her case, give her a lot of attention. If she is normally a tame pet, get her away from the cage and you should be able to handle her.

As far as her nutrition goes, she needs more than a few select seeds. Although it is best not to work on her diet until she gets out of breeding condition. If you start to give her healthy foods now, it can make her more likely to lay eggs. generally this is just a seasonal phase, so hopefully she will calm down soon.

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